Armonk PTST in the Races!

Congratulation to Marc Violone on finishing and winning the Armonk Cider and Donut 5K festivial with a time of 16’36”! Jon Lichtman had the pleasure of stretching Mark out prior to the race. Our staff enjoyed the festival and providing stretching and injury prevention tips to the racers.

Health blogger Health’Sass quoted ARMONK PTSTs John Connolly in a post on tendinitis and bursitis

    YOW–Tendinitis and bursitis, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 09, 2016 You don’t have to be a big-shot athlete to get Tennis Elbow or Swimmer’s shoulder or Jumper’s Knee. Even little kids can damage tendons pitching softball. Anything you do over and over can strain soft tissue and create inflammation. Running, throwing, swinging…you name it. Tendons are Read More …