Health blogger Health’Sass quoted ARMONK PTSTs John Connolly in a post on tendinitis and bursitis

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YOW–Tendinitis and bursitis, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 09, 2016


You don’t have to be a big-shot athlete to get Tennis Elbow or Swimmer’s shoulder or Jumper’s Knee. Even little kids can damage tendons pitching softball.

Anything you do over and over can strain soft tissue and create inflammation. Running, throwing, swinging…you name it.

Tendons are a form of soft tissue that connects muscle to bone. It also has a covering called a sheath, which can become inflamed.

Bursae are fluid-filled sacs the body can form.

These are both painful and some people can get both.

The treatment? Rest. You MUST STOP performing the offending movement, says John Connolly, a licensed physical therapist at Armonk Physical Therapy and Sports Training in Armonk, NY.

Rest and stop the motion. This can be almost impossible for some exercisers to understand and do.

Still, a licensed therapist can help you find movements to work around the sore spots.

A person with shoulder tendonitis or bursitis could run or bike (no swimming). Someone with Achilles heel tendonitis–swimming would be good.

Connolly also recommends small, single-joint exercises that target small stabilizing muscles to prevent return of the condition.

The point is, seek expert advice.

My mother got bursitis once from scaling fish. She hated scaling fish and never did it again. Problem solved.