Rob Fay was published in Inside Chappaqua on preventing ACL injury in female athletes

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Prevent ACL Injury in Female Athletes 

By Robert Fay, NOVEMBER 3, 2015

“The research shows we can reduce ACL knee injuries up to 80% by focusing on proper jumping mechanics, balance and strength deficits” says Robert Fay, clinical director at Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training.

  • Jumping exercises progress in difficulty from squat jumps to single leg jumps. The focus is on landing in alignment using your glutes and hamstrings rather than relying solely on your quads which has been shown to increase ACL strain.
  • Balance training uses various devices – boards, discs, stability balls – and a combination of exercises performed on one leg helps improve the stability of the knee.
  • Isolated strength training to improve imbalances around the knee. Often the hamstrings are up to 50% weaker than the quadriceps in our female athletes.

According to Mr. Fay, “proper conditioning, rest and playing more than one sport in the adolescent years can build strength and endurance and help support a healthy athlete for years to come.”

Robert Fay, PT, MHSc, OCS, STC, CSCS , clinical director and owner at Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training, has more than 15 years of clinical experience in orthopedics and sports medicine including working with college and professional athletes. Armonk Physical Therapy & Sports Training provides personalized, integrative, and skilled one-on-one physical therapy services.